Jooyontech stories on TV commercials

You can check them out on TV.


  • Jooyontech 2017 brand launching

    It delivers a message that most of normal citizens make the better world than a few powerful people.
  • Jooyontech TV products

    It promotes 98 inch super large UHD set top TV and explains what the company has done for the TV manufacturing.
  • Jooyontech VR

    It describes how the Jooyon Tech’s high performance water cooling PC can make users experience real images by means of VR.
  • 3 best screen actors

    3 Korean famous supporting actors; HeaJin Yoo, GkangRok Oh, DalSoo Oh, are interviewed and express what the real value is in their own words and emotion.
  • Measuring Instruments

    It explains how the harm electromagnetic wave can be protected Jooyon Tech’s computer user by using metering function.